Regal Palms, Orlando - Property Management Services

Save Property Management at Regal Palms, Florida

Save Property Management at Regal Palms was established in 2008 to give better value Property Management to home owners and a better vacation experience to guests than had previously been available. We are now the largest independent property management company on Regal Palms - we also have a network of property management & travel partners that we work with to facilitate additional homes being available on the resort.

We ourselves own property at Regal Palms and therefore have lived and breathed Regal Palms since 2003. We know how to look after the properties, market the properties and most importantly know how to be fair to both owners and guests. No other property management company on Regal Palms is 100% owned by a fellow owner with your best interests at heart.

We do not leave the management of the homes to paid staff with little interest in your home, or palm you off to a 3rd party management company soon after you join just to make some money on you, we are a dedicated family business who are fellow owners on the resort and have been since day 1.  

David was one of the founding members of the Regal Palms owners group and chaired the group for 3 years before venturing into the property management business

Our fees for 2019 are very competitive:

Monthly Property Management Fee; $100 per month

Cleaning (when not paid by guest); 3 Bed $75 per clean;  4 Bed $85 per clean

Sundry Items*; $20 per month

Maintenance $40 per hour plus parts 

Through our UK Booking Agency - Newcomen Consultants Ltd - we can also provide you with rentals on Regal Palms for just a $10 per night reservation service fee.

* Get rid of those unwanted call out charges for batteries, smoke detectors, remote controls, A/C filters - just pay a fair set monthly fee and all these things will be taken care of by our property inspection team during each pre and post inspection - if we don't we take care of the call out and you don't pay.

We are actively looking to add inventory to for fill our 2019 reservation portfolio at Regal Palms Resort & Spa

Thinking of buying a property at Regal Palms? Do you need help guiding you to purchasing the right property at Regal Palms? Together with our realtor partners with can help you select the right home at the right price at Regal Palms. Please call 863-547-8061 for further information

** We also provide Property Management Services for pool homes throughout the Davenport area. See our sister site - Consultants FL is wholly owned and managed by Newcomen Consultants Ltd, Redcar, UK